Sports Handicapper Here


Pay attention to the pick that I make, not at what price I select it at. Place bet when comfortable for you. Try to stay consistent though.

Why Buy My Service?

  • Making Money For Us

    I crunch numbers every day because it is a passion of mine and I have a goal of making a better life for myself. Shall we help each other out?

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  • No Funny Stuff

    If you like what I offer, great.

    If not, Good Luck to you.

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  • Great Customer Service

    Comments? Questions?

    Please let me know, I will help you the best that I can.

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  • It Just Adds Up

    If you have money to invest, it's difficult to pass up this investment.

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Decide how much you want to bet per pick

Stick with it for the entire season


Only make adjustments every 6 months

Remember marathon, not sprint

Time = $$$$